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Static websites are minimally coded, simple to design websites.

We create websites which are suitable for you if you prefer a sleek, minimal layout.

Static websites

A static website is one where the displayed content is the same all over the board. It is mainly composed of a limited amount of web pages coded in HTML. Choose a static website if you have a website that has a set list of services and products that are quite constant and don’t require a lot of updates. The simple coding and the uncomplicated designs are most effective if you’ve just started out in making a mark for yourself on the internet.

Straightforward display

With fixed information and frills, this provides for a neat and professional look that will accentuate your business ideals.

Easy to update

Designing and updating becomes a piece of cake even without the added features such as administrative systems.


Due to its ease of handling, it costs you lesser than a dynamic website would to make content changes and updates on an irregular basis.

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